Expeditions 7: Greenland

Photo Credit: Scott Brady Photo Credit: Scott Brady

Expeditions 7: Greenland Ice Sheet

Positioned between the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, Greenland is considered the world’s largest island, and it is covered with snow and ice. In late October, I met with Greg Miller—founder of the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum and the Lead Adventurer for the Expeditions 7 project—to discuss his next adventure to traverse the Greenland Ice Sheet over land. Greg said, “This is a unique opportunity to cross one of the largest ice fields on the planet and for one person to come along on the expedition for the benefit of the museum.” Greg came up with the idea while visiting the North Pole; confidence for the endeavor came from his success with E7 in crossing Antarctica.

The expedition occurred in spring of 2018 and utilized three Arctic Trucks-prepared Toyota Hilux trucks to transport fuel, equipment, and personnel on the journey. In addition to Greg Miller, there was a video crew, medical support, mechanics, and drivers along for the ride.

Watch the trailer here:

Greenland1.jpgTeam members from left to right: Clay Croft, Emil Grímsson, Dr. Jon Solberg, Greg Miller, Scott Brady, Kurt Williams, Torfi Jóhannsson